What we Do

Project Management, Environmental Representation and SUPERINTENDENT Services

Contamination can impact all different types of projects in different ways. Whether it is something that has been identified at the start or an unexpected find somewhere along the track. We understand that not everyone is an expert on how to handle these sometimes delicate and controversial issues. We are able to provide a variety of services to tackle these types of problems. The team at RARE can provide Project Management Services to handle remediation works from start to finish. With our skills and expertise we can also work on behalf of clients as a superintendent, to ensure that all legal requirements are being met to a satisfactory standard.  

Environmental Compliance 

Navigating the requirements of environmental compliance licensing can be difficult. RARE Environmental have a keen understanding of requirements and are able to provide assistance with the preparation of documentation including;

  • Environmental Protection License (EPL) Applications;

  • Trade Waste Agreement (TWA) Applications;

  • Specific Immobilisation Approvals (SIA);

  • Waste classification;

  • Sediment and erosion control plans

We are able to provide advice and perform testing to ensure that the treatment processes in place satisfy the license requirements.

Remediation Strategy Development

Having worked with a variety of contaminants in both contracting and consulting roles, we are able to devise remediation strategies that are both cost effective and practical based on our experience and expertise. We have experience with many different types of contaminants including but not limited to; PAHs, BTEX, TRHs, Asbestos, coal tar and gasworks waste, PCBs, TCE as well as general construction waste and fly tipped material. 

Non-Friable Asbestos Management

Asbestos contaminated material can be encountered unexpectedly. RARE holds a Class B Asbestos Removal License and has fully qualified supervisors to manage regulator requirements, bonded asbestos removal and disposal. 

Validation Testing and Reporting 

Having worked on many different aspects of remediation projects, our understanding of the importance of working as a team to complete the project is paramount. When conducting validation works we understand how to provide fluid Remediation Action Plan (RAP) compliance whilst achieving project milestones and program requirements.

Material Management and Disposal

Stockpiled contaminated material must be ethically handled, tracked and disposed of to prevent future liability. At RARE we are able to provide "cradle to grave" material management including determining the best practice method of handling and WHS requirements as well as organising  disposal at an appropriate licensed facility.

Environmental Monitoring 

We are able to provide environmental monitoring services for ambient air quality, treated water being discharged to sewer or storm water and groundwater gauging.