Barangaroo NSW, Block 4/5 Perimeter Retention Wall/ Stage 1B Developer Perimeter Retention Wall


RARE Environmental was engaged to provide environmental services to SBI MB JV during the construction of the installation of the Perimeter Retention Wall (PRW). This was part of the remediation of former gas works site and involved material impacted with PAHs, VOCs, heavy metals, asbestos and coal tar contamination. The PRW was installed in-situ to enable the excavation works to occur adjacent to the harbour.

Project located in a very public area where limiting the impact of works on the community was an integral component of the works. 


  • Preparation of compliance documentation
    • Asbestos Removal Control Plan
    • Remedial Works Plan
    • Occupational Health and Hygiene Management Plan
  • Asbestos supervision and management 
  • Contaminated spoil tracking and disposal 
    • Waste Classification 
    • Material Tracking and Disposal
Rhys Blackburn